Performancing is a pretty cool Firefox Extention

If you don’t necessarily like to blog in a webpage, such as blogger, wordpress, or basically any other web based blogging service, then Performancing might be for you. It’s a Firefox extension (and you really ought to be using Firefox) so its part of your browser.

What I like most about it is that you have a webpage in half of the window, and the editor in the other half. This allows you to browse to pages you might be blogging about without having to switch windows and cover up what you said. Also, this allows you to drag text, images, and links into your post, so you don’t have to copy/paste all that stuff.

The editor has more features than Flock’s built in editor (at least since I last used it) and if you don’t need all the pizazz that Flock offers, then you’re better off with this. And if you’re using Firefox 2 you have built in spell checking, so you’re pretty golden. Check it out, it won’t let you down.


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