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Last Night

After sleeping for much of yesterday I figured I’d stay up late and get something out of an otherwise wasted day. To pass the time I watched Happy Feet and signed up for twitter. I also tried to read some more of the Decameron but I couldn’t get into it.

A bunch of my friends went to go see Happy Feet when it came out in theaters. They went to the IMAX to see it, and always talked about how cute it was. It was around Thanksgiving and I had just started to date this girl. I wanted her to join us, but she was tired from her trip home so I decided not to go. In retrospect I probably should have acted differently, but there’s not much I can do to change that now.

So Happy Feet has been out for a while now, and I figured I’d find out what all the buzz was about. It was certainly a cute movie but not my favorite. I’m not sure that I would ever sit down to watch it again, but I could definitely put it on in the background.

After watching that, I checked my RSS feed reader and read a post about how it is possible to spoof who you are in Twitter as long as you know someone’s phone number. It really got me interested in Twitter, especially since I have been hearing so much about it lately. After I checked out Twittervision (amazing by the way) I went and signed up. You can follow everything I do here. Or sign up and be my friend, that would be cool too.

Today I plan on doing homework, listening to music, and probably watching a movie. I don’t know which movie it will be, but I’m sure I’ll mention it later.


I took some photos tonight

I’ve been taking lots of photos for the latest SDS production, Little Shop of Horrors, and I was going through some of the photos that I copied to my computer. I was looking at what was on my SD card before I cleared it and I found an interesting photo of me.

It was only interesting because my hair was shorter. In the past I’ve always felt that my hair was very long. I had never grown my hair out, so I had no way to gauge how long hair felt. Well over the last 2 years my hair has been steadily growing longer and longer. I’ve had it cut a few times in between, but I’ve been going for the long hair look.

Looking at this photo vs. how long my hair is now showed a noticeable difference. I wanted to document how long my hair is now so that in 6 months I can look back and take another photo. So I snapped a bunch of pictures and uploaded them to Flickr.

In other news I have a research paper to write this weekend and I’ve been reading parts of Boccaccio’s Decameron. Just the fabliaux. They’re the topic of my paper so I wanted to read some other than the ones in the Canterbury Tales. They’re interesting and I like feeling well read.

I watched A Scanner Darkly for the first time today. I thought it was interesting and I liked the rotoscoped style. I’d like to read the book (as I’d like to read a lot of books) but I don’t have the time right now. It mentioned Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and made me want to read it again. Why anyone would want to read it more than once bewilders even me, but I’d like a refresher. Maybe I’d get it more the second time.

I tried playing a video game today. I haven’t been in the mood to play anything other than Guitar Hero for the last few months so I figured I’d give Zone of the Enders – The Second Runner a shot. I played the first 20 minutes of the game and then turned it off. Maybe I’ll go back to it later.

Infected Mushroom came out with a new CD recently: Vicious Delicious. It is definitely a new sound for them and I’m not sure if any of the songs will join my favorites. Admittedly I haven’t spent enough time with the album to really get to know the songs. Bright Eyes also came out with a new CD. I also haven’t had time to digest that one but I don’t know if I really need that kind of angst in my life anymore. He used to epitomize everything I though I was and how I felt but it’s just not me anymore. Maybe he’s changed too. I’ll give it a few more listens before I decide anything.

So, I failed

I was supposed to post once a day about something. Or at least post frequently. I haven’t posted in a very long time, and I’m finally getting back into one of those artistic moods where I want to express myself. I think iTunes and album art are partly to blame. I’ve spent the last day browsing around on deviantart looking at drawings and what not.

I want to learn how to draw. It’s not like its terribly difficult or anything, but I have no skill in it whatsoever. The best advice given to me on the subject was just to start drawing. Just keep drawing and eventually you’ll get better. I believe its true, I just never had the desire long enough to actually draw every day. I’d start one night and never try it again (mostly because my first attempt looked so bad). I think this summer I want to force myself to draw something once a day. At the end, if I feel like I haven’t improved at all I’ll give it up until I feel like giving it a shot again.

So right now I feel terribly artsy, we’ll see how longs this lasts…


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