So, I failed

I was supposed to post once a day about something. Or at least post frequently. I haven’t posted in a very long time, and I’m finally getting back into one of those artistic moods where I want to express myself. I think iTunes and album art are partly to blame. I’ve spent the last day browsing around on deviantart looking at drawings and what not.

I want to learn how to draw. It’s not like its terribly difficult or anything, but I have no skill in it whatsoever. The best advice given to me on the subject was just to start drawing. Just keep drawing and eventually you’ll get better. I believe its true, I just never had the desire long enough to actually draw every day. I’d start one night and never try it again (mostly because my first attempt looked so bad). I think this summer I want to force myself to draw something once a day. At the end, if I feel like I haven’t improved at all I’ll give it up until I feel like giving it a shot again.

So right now I feel terribly artsy, we’ll see how longs this lasts…


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