Code Monkey

I’ve known about Jonathan Coulton for quite a long time. I remember I heard the songs Ikea and Mandelbrot Set on an indiefeed podcast over 2 years ago. Podcasting was just getting big and I got into the whole scene for a while. I never really contributed anything (not that I ever do) but it helped me find lots of indie artists to listen to.

Over the last 2 years I played Ikea for a few friends who found it quite humorous. I never forgot about Jonathan but I figured he had given up the whole music bit. How wrong I was. He did a little thing called Song a Week where he made a new song every week and put it up for free on his site. He made some really great songs like Re: Your Brains, The Presidents, and, my favorite, Code Monkey. He is clever, geeky, and all-around awesome so I suggest you check him out.

I saw Live Free or Die Hard last night and it was awesome. It was a really great action movie and I kinda wish I could see it again. There were so many good lines. Maybe I will see it again if some other friends want to see it.

I want an iPhone. Sure its expensive and probably a waste to get it on launch day but I really want one. I’ll be outside an AT&T store after work on Friday waiting in line to get an 8 GB iPhone. I’ll let you know if I manage to get one.


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