Random Grab Bag

read over my old blog. It was a lot better than I gave it credit for being. I used to think all those links and images I included were stupid, but it turns out it really made it nice to look at. I actually covered some good stuff. I’ll have to work on doing more stuff like that.

Also, I need to separate my posts. Right now I just sorta pile everything into one giant post. I need to have a “cool stuff on the net post” and then save my “introspective post” for later in the week. I can even write it when I want to write and then submit it a few days later. Write loads of posts in advance so I can just keep publishing even if I’m too busy to write. That, my friends, is brilliant.

Also, shorter paragraphs. Newspapers and other print media does it, I should too. One huge block of text can be daunting for a reader. Basically what I’m saying is I hate my style. Good job me.

hilarious: http://www.brandonoana.com/2007/08/further-faster-goatsier.html

I saw this a while ago, it epitomizes my feelings about most things men do

in my conversations I’ve stopped going above and beyond when people ask me a question. I don’t answer the next question I know they will ask. I want them to ask it so we get a nice back and forth. And if they don’t want to know more, they can move on. I leave a little hook so they have something to ask next time. I think this is particularly important when talking online. Even if you have no more questions you can think of to ask you can leave a few hooks so they have something to ask when they’re done reading what you have written. I am refining my conversational skills. Sometimes you can say more by what you don’t say.

this is new york, there are no rules

insults in another language

Yep, overall random post. Figured I’d throw this stuff out here before they became too dusty.


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