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I want to learn to dance!

Since we’ve been working on dancing in the show I’m stage managing (Billy S’s Much Ado About Nothing) I’ve had the desire to learn how to dance. I used to want to be really good at swing, but never put any effort into it. We’re focusing on 1920’s dances like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop. We also went over the waltz. I’m not quite confident enough to dance well in the waltz, nor do I manage that rigid body and good support the man is supposed to have. I suppose if I did more of it I would get better.

These people are crazy awesome. I don’t ever expect to be that good, just to have as much fun as they are. I was just looking through my old old blogs (again) and apparently I liked dancing then too. My life is cyclical, clearly.


Ten weeks later…

It was early August last we talked. Life was going slowly and I had lots of time for simpler things (like blogging). In the interim I have started school, gotten back into ogame, been stage managing a show, working, meeting girls, and living life. All good things. I’m sitting in class right now learning about Walt Whitman. I’m not really paying attention, but what can you do.

I was once again inspired to write by Coding Horror. You know, get on a schedule, write every time, get better at writing. All reasonable goals. Will I do it? I don’t know that I have a topic that I want to talk about. Writing is about being inspired, and more often than not I am clearly lacking in inspiration. So if you don’t hear from me soon that might be why.

I wanted to post because I found some neat videos that I wanted to share. They don’t really need to be shared though. I don’t know that anyone would ever see them here.

I got rid of AIM. Not got rid of, but I decided I didn’t want to use it anymore. I’m now using google talk. I like it. It’s based on open standards (jabber). Check it out and get an account, it’s good stuff.

Hmmm, that is all.


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