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I like twitter

I don’t always have the fortitude to do longer blog posts. They end up being me talking about lots of different sites and news items and about my life. But it’s to the void. I like sending links out on twitter and then having a conversation about it if it interests someone. I think if I wanted to write a really long piece I would do it here. I like the skill and the art of writing. I like words. But I don’t feel the urge to write like some people do. I’m a “lots of little content” kind of person, not “little bits of big content.”

I’ll probably still write here from time to time, but I’m sticking with twitter for now. I have a Tumblr that kinda aggregates all of my posts online. Check it out:

And my twitter:


Second Semester Junior Year

It hit me last night that I’m starting the second semester of my junior year in college. Looking back four years lands me in the middle of high school. I though I’d never make it out. I have a blog from June of ’04 which is the oldest blog I can still find online. Reading some of those entries, I see that I am very much still the same person that I was. At the same time, I am so very different from the lonely, scared boy from my past. I think the last four years have been a great period of growth and development. I know more about myself than I did before, and I hope when I look back four years from now, I’ll be able to say the same thing.

A few temporal developments: I got my wisdom teeth pulled (all four) and am on the recovery, I went skiing the weekend before and got strep throat, I now have a head cold, I still owe two papers and a project from last semester, and I am currently missing a roommate that I should have. I’m not really bummed out about the roommate bit. He’s a complete stranger and I’d rather live alone than with a stranger. But I’m not really alone; I have five other suite-mates (and I think one of them has been eating my peanut butter). My old suite-mates are abroad in London (I’m going for spring break) and my old roommate is co-opping from home.

I’ve spruced up this blog a bit. I added a bunch of links to things I read and I started sharing items on Google Reader again. I subscribed to a diverse set of news sites in an attempt to keep up on current events. We’ll see how that works out for me in the coming months. I also started twittering again. I think twitter would be more useful if my friends also used it, but since they don’t, I’ll just keep updating anyway. I should really set some daily and weekly goals for twitter and my blog. Discipline could really help me make this a healthy habit.

I want to start taking photos again. I haven’t posted anything new to Flickr in months and I really feel like I’m wasting my pro account. I wanted to be really artsy with my account and have a cool professional feel, but I don’t think I’m ready to dedicate that kind of time to it. I have a lot of other hobbies and demands on my time. Maybe I’ll try doing the Flickr 365. I think it’ll go alone with disciplining myself.

I should also start using again. I don’t really favorite or use a lot of sites that don’t produce daily content. I just don’t need them. There are a few posts on blogs that I really like and would share with the world though (Wizard School being one of them) so I should actively try to add those.

So far my goals are to blog twice a week, twitter twice a day, Flickr once a day, good news and posts, and read the news every day. On top of that I want to start reading again and spend less time watching TV and movies. I have a lot of books that I never read and I need to get through them. Another goal is to read extracurricular books and write journal entries about them so that I think critically about what I read. And do all my homework! This sounds like a lot of work…

I think I can do it though. Maybe I’ll stop after a week, but I need to work on discipline and following through. This is self-improvement (and screw you Chuck Palahniuk fans who say “Self improvement is masturbation”).


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