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Chat Logs

One of the great features of Gaim (now Pidgin) back in the day was logging. You could log all your chats in txt form or in HTML and go back and read over them later. You could quote from them, search through them, read them at your leisure. You could ponder about what that one little line your crush sent to you could mean, long after closing the conversation window. It was a great feature that I probably used all of 10 times since it’s been available.

One of the really nice features that came out of it was the little bit of history that gets injected into your window the next time you talk to them. It reminds you about what you were talking about and gives some continutity to each conversation and I don’t know that I could live without it. But that’s about as much as I need, the last 5 things we said to each other. I have never once, since I started logging conversations, gone back and read through them all. So why do I have a folder in My Documents called Chat Logs that holds all my old chat logs from circa 2006? Why do I habitually carry them around with me from computer to computer as if they are some sacred data?

Sure, going through them might give me some insight into who I was. A little time capsule of sorts, just like old blog posts. Should I keep them as a reminder or delete them and focus on looking forward? When would I ever spend time looking at them unless I was trying to look back and recover something that is long gone? I should just get rid of them.

I have a better idea, I’ll post them up online and place a link here. If I ever go back and read over this I can download them all and re-read my old conversations.



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