I have experimented with many blogs over the years. I seem to have started around 2004 although I’m sure I must have done something when I found (the now defunct) http://www.scottishot.com/ back in (maybe) 2003. I’ve been with this one since Feb 2007 (quite a feat) and I don’t intend to abandon it any time soon. The only problem is that this blog is mostly introspective things about me. I rarely comment about what sort of internet stuff I’m looking at, what I’m doing technically, or great ideas I have. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I would like to have a separate place to write those kinds of posts.

Those sorts of posts are a lot more work but they are the type that people actually want to read. You need to have an opinion to write those though, something I find myself lacking a lot of the time. So this blog will remain my personal space to think about my life and all the things in it that are of no particular interest to anyone but me.


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