This would be me. I used to have long hair but it has since been chopped off. The long hair is back-ish.

I love movies and music, and I’m a sponge for random knowledge about…well, anything.

I’m into movies, TV, music, board games, old school video games, books, and computers. I have a rather huge collection of movies and TV shows and I’m always on the prowl for new ones. I like old NES, SNES, and classic arcade games much more than the video games of today, but I rarely have time for them now.

Someday I’ll re-read all the books I think are important and list them here. That will be a lot of reading. Don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

I read on and off. I have a couple book sitting on a shelf that I’ve been meaning to read forever, but I’m also working my way through lit books for class. I like board games. I like them because you play with people, and people aren’t tied down to certain limitations like video games. You can get your hands dirty and the human element is there. I like that.

One of my favorite pass times is photography. I have a nice DSLR that I play around with when I have time. Its the only art form that I’ve ever really enjoyed and I’m always trying to improve. I also like theater. I’m part of my school’s comedy troupe and we do shows twice a semester. It’s all student written, directed, and performed, and we’ve really been growing over this last year. I also do crew for our dramatic society’s major plays and musicals. I really like directing, although I have nowhere near the experience needed to do an entire show. It’s something I’m actively trying to improve on.

I have recently become a skiing fanatic. Its something I get a lot of pleasure from and I like pushing myself every time I ski. I want to keep getting better, and to have more chances to ski. I think my love for skiing is best phrased by a fellow blogger:

The feeling is so intense, I consider it kin to what the extreme-sport skiers must feel when diving ninety degrees: in that, you’re only living when you are dying.

You Can Die

I go to college right outside of NYC. It’s a small private engineering and techology school. I’m double majoring in literature and computer science. I’ve written a couple neat programs and designed a few websites.

I’m always looking to learn more languages. Right now my favorite is Python, but that could change at any time.Mostly I’m just a down to earth kid. Read all you can about me and maybe I’ll surprise you.

Some old blogs:


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