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Lazy Saturday

I seem to be making a habit of doing blog posts. I get into this cycle where I all of a sudden feel that for anyone reading this, I am the sole source of information they will look to, and if I don’t make mention of something, they’ll miss out. So for about a week I try to make a comment on everything I think is cool online, and post about it, and link to it, and then 3 months later its old and blase and I didn’t really make a difference in the big scheme of things.

To be a successful blogger, you need to be ahead of the curve. Or at least be so with the curve that you are making pointed commentary that influences other people. I don’t have either of those. Just recently I started reading personal blogs, rather then getting all my links from aggregators like digg, reddit, or slashdot. It puts me a little closer to the edge, but I still get all my information after someone else decides whats worth noting.

Do I really want that kind of influence? I don’t know. Probably not. I don’t feel that I’m educated enough in the fields where it matters, and I’m too young for my cultural references to carry any weight. Of course, now that I’ve realized this, I can stop trying to be a marketer, and finally post about things I like. Or in the case of this next point, things I don’t like.

I tried to watch Flyboys last night. I say tried because I didn’t make it all the way through. I got distracted, lost interest, and after that there was really nothing for it except to turn it off. I was really expecting something action packed. I wanted edge of your seat dogfights for the whole film. Give me Black Hawk Down with WWI airplanes and I’m set. But instead it felt like a Disney romance that was an hour too long, with way too little violence. I don’t know who their target audience was, but I certainly wasn’t it. If I had checked the reviews, I probably would have seen it coming.

As a Python fan, I’ve been reading a lot about other high level languages that make development easy. So far Python is still my favored language, but I am always tempted to get my hands dirty and see what all the buzz about Ruby and Haskell are about. I just recently found a great tool for Python that makes testing within the interpreter even easier. IPython. It adds support for shell commands from within interpreter, it has tab auto-completion, and the interface feels more informative and powerful. I am looking forward to my next development project so I can try it out.

I would also like to recommend that everyone get a Useless Account. Yes, its useless. No, it doesn’t have even the slightest bit of purpose. I got a good laugh out of it, and I just wanted to give everyone else the opportunity as well.



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