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Welcome to August


The summer always holds so much potential. In May, when classes end, September lingers at the other end of the world. There will be countless sunny days to go outside, spend at the beach, wander around the city, jump in a pool. And then you get a job. Sure, it’s 9 to 5. You have all afternoon to do what you want. You can still say up late with friends and the weekends are all yours! Yeah, it’s amazing how quickly your free time disappears. Get out of work, sit for an hour recovering from your day. Get/make dinner. Watch a movie. There goes your afternoon. Weekends? A weekend always holds such promise. Friday night is the greatest night of the week. And then it’s Saturday, and then Sunday, and before you know it it’s 9:00am and you’re at the desk again. Time just disappears, except for when it would be convenient.

I need new jeans. Actually, I think I need a whole new wardrobe. It’s not because my clothes are wearing thin and I don’t want to look homeless (my clothes happen to be in excellent condition, I make things last) but rather because every time I look at myself in a shop window as I’m walking by I see myself wearing these clothes and then wish I look snazzier. I am a simple man, but lately the urge to be trendy has been too much to ignore lately.Lucky for me the urge to spend money is very easy to resist when it comes to something like clothes. Those costs just start adding up. Pick up a shirt, two shirts, some slacks, two pairs of jeans, a belt, a new pair of shoes, and you’re talking about $200+. Sure, I have the money, but I don’t really want to spend it. I’ll save it for when my credit card bill creeps up on me at the end of the month. That thing must be a mutant of some kind, it just grows. Sometimes I don’t think I’d even need to use it and I’d get hit with a $300 statement. How 10 little charges comes out to $800 and I’m not even halfway through the month boggles the mind.

But back to jeans. I did what I always do, go to Google. Google is like older sibling, parent, counselor, boss, and grand-parent all rolled into one. If it can’t tell you the answer, nothing can. So I searched for jean recommendations online and common jean styles. Why do jeans cost $120? I think my previous estimates of $200 were a little low. Yes, I am a wal-mart, marshalls, and kohls shopper. I go straight for the bargain bin. I guess it doesn’t look as good on me, but you can certainly stretch a buck a whole lot further. But back to jeans, so I looked up different styles, what women online had said about them, and it became obvious that there was no general consensus as to what the best cut was. And its not just cut, there are different washes and they “rise” differently. That’s it, I now need a woman to go shopping with me and help me pick out clothes.


I think this means I won’t be getting new clothes anytime soon. None of the girl I know have any fashion sense. Well, that’s not entirely true. They have fashion sense, they just happen to be on a boat in the pacific (if you ever read this, yes Jen, I’m talking about you). I wish there was something like “dial a girl with fashion sense to take me shopping.” That sounded a lot more eloquent in my head but you get the picture. If there is anyone out there who wants to help me shop, please let me know, I could use the help (and no, I’m not buying you things, I’m buying me things).

Random thought of the day: you know that nursery rhyme “Don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mothers back,” well I guess when I was little I really took that to heart. Maybe it was the fact that Ducky (that great little dinosaur from The Land Before Time) said it that I truly internalized it. Who knows, but whenever I’m walking I will instinctively avoid cracks and dimples in the sidewalk. Those spaces between sidewalk tiles are a curse. I have to actively modify my stride just so I don’t step there. Curse you nursery rhyme, curse you!

I just found this the other day, and it is truly amazing. Want to listen to a song but you don’t have it on your computer? Don’t want to have to scour the internet looking for that mp3 to play for your friends? Well look no further, SeeqPod is right up your alley. You can search the web for any song, drag it over, stream it, and even make a playlist of songs. I find it particularly useful when I don’t have my full iTunes library with me or I want to play an obscure track. Check it out (it works on the iPhone as well, so awesome).



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